A REFINED Start to My Weekend

OK, I know. My pun is super lame.

Obviously the point I’m getting to is that tonight I took my second Refine Method class with Brynn Jinnett!

First, let me tell you a bit about my day, because it was a good one.

Mostly because I got an awesome lunch from my true love: Sorry ABS, this one goes to Whole Foods.

I love love love their pre-made sandwiches, and the panini + small soup combo for just $6.99 is pretty unbeatable in the pricey midtown area where I work.

I always salivate looking at all the yummy choices while my sandwich is being pressed.

Nom nom noms.

Today I went with a tuna melt panini and small tomato basil soup (for dipping; I hardly ate any of it).

Love me some mid-day comfort food!

So after work I quickly came home to change then took a brisk walk just 10 blocks south to the Refine Method studio.

I can’t credit Brynn Jinnett enough for opening this fantastic place. The girl is a rockstar. I love that she’s a former dancer, because it gives us something to bond over, but I also look up to her so much because she’s like a big bundle of fitness knowledge.

As I mentioned in my blog post after taking my first Refine Method class, Brynn is extremely likable and personable. She’s incredibly sweet and very genuine. The kind of person you want to work hard for.

Tonight there were six of us taking class (plus Brynn). I snagged a prime spot in the center of the room so that I could see Brynn clearly. But the way the studio is set up makes it so there isn’t a bad spot in there.

What I really liked about this intimate class is that Brynn was able to give me plenty of individual attention. At Crunch, when I’m packed into a room with 40 other fit chicks, I get lost in the shuffle. But Brynn frequently helped me adjust, making sure I had correct form.

Most of the time, I didn’t have correct form! My lower back is so weak and she kept showing me ways to avoid sinking into it. I can’t help it — I stick my booty out too much!

I also like that tonight’s class was totally different than that first class I took. We used the pulley system to work our biceps and triceps, did lots of squats and pliés, some variations on the plank and brief cardio intervals such as simulating jumping rope and shuffling across the floor in a deep squat. Yes, I worked up a sweat. No, I didn’t look pretty by the end of class.

I also love that Brynn devotes a full 10–15 minutes at the end of class to winding down and stretching. After some killer butt lift exercises (my cheeks were burning, yowza!), she turned the lights down and we cooled down and stretched ourselves out. Great way to head into my weekend!

So for you NYC fitness addicts out there, I very highly recommend Brynn’s Refine Method classes.

Here’s a bit about the specials they have going on right now:

Complimentary First Class: Come try us out! Your first class is free.
New Client Intro 10 Pack: New clients may purchase 10 classes for $100.00 ($10.00/class). This package activates upon first visit after purchase and expires 1 month after activation.

Holiday Special 2010! For the month of December, we will be offering a special 6 Month Unlimited Membership for $200 per month, a savings of $25 per month off of the normal Unlimited rate.

Check out refinemethod.com for more info.

If anyone plans to take a class, let me know! I’m hoping to sign up for a bunch more in the next few weeks.

Also, on my walk home, I got to see puppies:

Time to cuddle up with ABS and watch some “Mad Men.” I don’t have to worry about my bedtime because I don’t have an alarm set for tomorrow!

ABS is on his own in the battle versus the alarm clock. Hehe.

TELL ME: Have you taken a new or different fitness class lately? Why’d you break from your usual workout and what class did you try? Tell me all about it! I’m always looking for new ways to break a sweat and work my muscles.



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  1. I’m always jealous of all the classes available in cities. I don’t exactly live in the boondocks, but everything around me is pretty standard. I like the classes, but I would love to try something new! The most exciting class of my week: karaoke spin at my gym!

  2. This review is amazing! I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Can’t wait to take Refine with you again. it makes my heart happy that you are loving it so much.

  3. Since I am in the final weeks of training for a half- marathon, I haven’t done any fitness classes. After my race, I am hoping to do some spin classes at the campus gym!

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