Ali & ABS vs. The Snooze Button

ABS and I both set our alarms for 5:45 am (give or take) each morning. If I’m hoping to do a longer run, it’s 5:30. A shorter run calls for 6 am.

But lately neither of us have been racing out of bed in the morning.

We’ve mastered the art of the Snooze button.

I know, I know. It’s a terrible habit to get into. But the bed is warm. Nature is cold.

Now, here’s the other thing about our morning routines: I’m waking up that early to run. ABS is up that early to go to work.

So if I fall back asleep, it’s not a huge deal. If he falls back asleep, he’s late. Such an important man, he is.

Onto my point (I have one, I swear)…

The other day ABS said to me, “Your new task is to encourage me to get up in the morning.”

Uh, seriously?

“I need to get up when my alarm goes off. I can’t keep sleeping in, because I’ve been getting to work too late.”

On it!

This morning, when the iPhones started chirping at 5:45, we both woke up. We laid there for five minutes — no longer — then both got up together.

We did it!

Today at least. He was out the door by 6:45 to head to the office and I had enough time to do my morning ab exercises and conquer a freezing 4-mile run along the East River.

Also, how can I fight getting up when this is waiting for me outside…?

So, so pretty.

Though it was a brisk 20-something degrees this morning, my body stayed warm. I wore a similar outfit to the one I wore the other day, minus the hat. My head gets hot so fast that I rarely need a hat.

The only problem I did encounter: cold feet. I think it’s time I try out some thicker winter running socks. If you have any favorite brands, please let me know!

It was so nice getting back and taking a warm shower, and I was then out the door by 7:55. Cozied up for the cold commute:

Even by the time I left for work, my nose was still red from the run! Call me Ali the Red-Nosed…Worker Girl?

OK, time to take on the day. As I’ve mentioned, today is my Friday! I have lots of work to get done, then tonight I’m taking my second Refine Method class with the fabulous Brynn Jinnett!

I’m super excited to return to the class, especially since I’ve been told that each workout is different. I look forward to seeing what Brynn throws at me tonight!

TELL ME: Any fun weekend plans? I have a tentative “Ugly Sweater” party to attend on Saturday night!



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  1. I have a 10k race on Saturday in DC (as long as the snow melts and we don’t get anymore!) I’m not used to this snow (I’m visiting from Florida!)

  2. Ughhh what time do you two have to be at work?! I work at 9 and have to be out the door by 6:40 if I want to fit in an hour-long run. My past gigs (internships and freelance positions) all had 10-6 schedules vs. 9-5. I miss those days.

    1. He likes to be at work by 7:15. My company is pretty flexible about schedules, but I like to be at my desk by 8:45 to enjoy some quiet time before everyone gets in. My commute is 40 minutes though, so I leave around 8 most mornings.

  3. This is precious!! First, I love that you both motivate each other, that’s awesome. I think somewhere my body knows how long I can snooze, lol. We are on the same time schedule!

    Your work pic is so friggin cute and I am totally jealous of your morning view!

  4. Hey Ali! What is your “normal ab routine”? You talk about it a lot, and you may have detailed it in the past. But I’m very curious as I really need to step up my ab work!

    As for the weekend, I’m actually coming to NYC this weekend! I’ve been several times but never around Christmas so I’m very excited. Girls trip with my mom and sister (and my sister’s never been to NYC, so it’s very exciting!) Can’t wait!

    1. It’s nothing fancy! 50 regular crunches, 50 right side oblique crunches, 50 left side oblique crunches, then 50 “Ali’s Choice” crunches (legs up, alternating obliques, bicycles, etc.) of whatever I feel like doing that day.

  5. ahah I have the same “problem” with cold+red nose 🙂 …and a really HUGE problem with the snooze button, this year more than ever !!
    As for the weekend, my husband’s coming back home after nearly two months he was on some business trip, so I’ll be cooking a lot and then I have big plans of….pizza, movies and relax 🙂

  6. I feel your pain when trying to get your Man out of bed. My husband is the WORST about not getting up on time. He will sleep through the alarm for an hour, yes, an hour! The last few weeks he has been getting up good {his commute became longer, and he is forced to leave earlier to get to work on time} so that has something to do with it.

    As for the weekend, I have a 10k planned, and then nothing besides homework. Hopefully I can finish up my Christmas shopping. I’m scared to go to a mall, or anything resembling a mall. 🙁

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