The Gym Vs. Comfort Food

First up, in case you missed it, here’s my guest post over at Leslie’s blog, And Her Little Dog Too. I wrote about “The Top 10 Worst Things That Can Happen During A Run” (and, of course, tackled how I deal with them).

Now, onto the curious case of The Gym Vs. The Bowl of Pasta.

I had every intention of doing Chisel tonight followed by Spinning. Melinda—my favorite spin instructor—has made her triumphant return to Crunch, and I can’t resist her class.

But tonight, after doing roughly 1,000 squats during Chisel, thoughts of sweatpants and a warm bowl of pasta kicked Melinda’s butt.

No spin for you.

Well. No spin for me, rather.

I felt guilty about skipping class for roughly 2 seconds before I put on cozy clothes and headed home (it was flurrying outside when I left the gym—yuck!).

And when I got to the apartment, I put a pot of water up to boil, changed into the comfiest things I own and curled up on the couch next to ABS who, for the first time in months, was home from work before 8 pm.

It’s a Winter Day miracle!

Anyway, I guess the bottom line to my rambling is this:

It’s OK if you don’t want to work out.

It’s OK if you want a big, carby bowl of pasta.

(Um, especially if you’re a workoutaholic — carbs aren’t the enemy, they’re your friend, and they keep you moving.)

Now that the holiday season is really heating up (metaphorically, of course—it’s cold as heck here), I feel like every article I read or person I talk to obsesses over the same thing:

How not to gain weight during the holidays.


How to burn off those pounds of pie you just inhaled.


How to resist your Christmas cravings.

You know what article I want to read?

How to enjoy indulging a bit during the holiday season because Christmas cookies are delicious and I don’t always want to work out when it’s 10 degrees.

Just a thought.

TELL ME: Do you allow yourself to indulge around the holidays? Or do you beat yourself up a bit?

I obviously still try to be good, but when faced with anything warm, chocolate or homemade, I dig right in.



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  1. Umm…pretty sure since you ran 6.5 miles AND took a chisel class, that not going to spin also is JUSTTT FINE. 🙂 Personally, when it comes to holidays, i let myself indulge. Yes, sometimes I notice a difference, but, I think that holidays are meant to be celebrated. As long as every day of the year isnt a all out celebration, its all fine.

  2. Amen sister! My goal is to maintain over the holidays by enjoying my daily workouts 🙂 The holidays are all about having fun! Speaking of which, maybe we should go ice skating to get some exercise! Also, want to join Sara and I for a workout extravaganza on Saturday from 9am-11am at our Equinox? 🙂 My treat!

  3. no reason to feel guilty, you are so in shape! i didn’t end up staying for tai box because i knew i wouldn’t be able to make it through the class after all those squats.
    i totally indulge, then vow not to do it, and then indulge again. it is a vicious cycle.

  4. Love it! Sometimes you just feel like gettin’ comfy and staying in! I try to be good during the holidays, but it doesn’t always end up that way 😛

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