Maybe I Don’t Need Elves After All

Less than 24 hours until party time!

Everything is starting to come together. Minus a few…setbacks…I’m feeling confident that things will go off without a hitch.

Oh and the setback? There’s this huge table that has been nailed into an alcove in our apartment—very hard to explain, and I didn’t get to take a “before” photo.

Well let’s just say that I was planning to use that table tomorrow for the main food & alcohol hub.

But somehow I managed to tear it out of the wall. Then I crawled underneath the broken table to try to fix it, and it fell on top of me.

I’m fine. The table is not.

We’ll figure that out tomorrow.


OK, so to backtrack, today was wildly productive. Here’s how it all went down…

First up: Wrapping presents.


Then: 3-mile run.


After a shower and some more little things, I headed out for my big list of errands.

This was my To-Do list this morning:

Things get highlighted as they’re completed.

I went to Lord & Taylor, hoping to find a party dress for tomorrow. I did lots of trying on…

But didn’t find anything I loved.

(Except shoes. Hehe.)

So I ventured north and ended up here:

Isn’t she pretty? Seventy-four feet tall this year!

Next stop: J.Crew, where I discovered that the bracelets I’ve been admiring online are finally on sale. Sorry, debit card!

I ventured to Anthropologie next, hoping for more luck in the dress department.

To no avail.


Loved it on the rack—and it was on sale!—but didn’t love it on. Always a bummer when that happens.

I finally gave up on dress shopping and did my last Bed, Bath & Beyond run before the party.

I stocked up on apartment “accents” like a festive table runner, gold paper plates and napkins and a few Christmas presents for some loved ones.

By the time I got home I was beat! Lots of walking around.

After treating myself to a delicious Pepper Jack Grilled Cheese sandwich and watching a little “Beverly Hills, 90210” on SoapNet (guilty pleasure, you know you do it, too), it was off to the grocery store.

Then I started baking up a storm until Hot Power Yoga!

This was my second time trying out a Hot Power Yoga class at Pure Yoga and I loved it again.

I took a higher level class this time and took with a different teacher. It was magical.

We did some tough exercises that really got my heart rate pumping. I’m totally new to yoga, so I was freaked out by some of the things she had us doing. Leap Frog? Hand stand? Seriously?

But I’m proud to say that I at least attempted every single pose, and felt totally grounded during the twist poses I had trouble with last time, as well as the “tripod” pose (did it!). I even did wheel pose three times! I was pumped.

That class is so cleansing. I’ve used up my two “complimentary classes” and now they’re pushing for me to join. Too expensive though. Sorry, Pure! You’re pretty, but you’re not cheap.

Dinner was shrimp pad thai—my fave—with a side of baking, baking, baking. Our fridge is filling up!

Time to go retrieve my laundry from the dryer.

I leave you with this:

That’s right! Making serious progress on the list.


Happy Weekend!



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