What the Weekend Should Be

Yesterday was perfect.

I woke up and conquered 11.4 miles in Central Park. The weather was phenomenal, it wasn’t too crowded and my stomach cooperated the whole time.

Also, I saw Snoopy:


After my long run, ABS and I met up with my friends Sarah and Tom, who came down from Boston.

I only get to see Sarah maybe twice a year, so her visits are extra special. We went to high school together and haven’t lived in the same city since graduation.

Of course, we had to show them how amazing NYC is during the holidays.

First stop: Bryant Park.

The guy standing behind them was way too excited and didn’t want to get out of the picture. Hehe.

The rink at Bryant Park was so much more crowded than the rink at Rockefeller Center. Go figure.

Next up: Rockefeller Center!

When I get cold, my nose gets super-red. Like Rudolph!

After some walking around, we were freezing and ready to warm up with some lunch. We found an Irish Pub on 7th Avenue where we dined on pub fare (chicken quesadilla for me, nothing special) before heading our separate ways.

But first, a quick stop along Central Park South, where my OCD just about went nuts…

Centeral Park, you say? Oy.

ABS and I came back to our apartment to warm up and, in an attempt to lay down and watch some TV, both ended up passing out for two hours. Guess all that running and sightseeing really took it out of me!

Once we were back up and running, two of ABS’s friends came over—one with a dog he’s watching for the weekend through the Puppies Behind Bars program!—and then we went out to a bar for the night.

I can’t remember the last time I really went out.

I’ve been so concerned with working out, waking up early and trying to be super-healthy, and in turn forgot how much fun it can be to just go out and have a few drinks with friends.

And I managed to stay awake until 2 am. ABS was impressed.

Now, I’m catching up on the blogs, doing some online Christmas shopping and maybe going for a short run before a day of errands.

ABS is still sleeping. Time to go wake him up!

TELL ME: What Christmas presents are you excited to give this year? I still need a few more ideas, so please share!



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