A Nutty Kind of Day

OK, today wasn’t really nutty.

But the night did end with a nut of sorts.

Let’s recap the day together, shall we?

I slept in! Until 6 am, that is. Still, it was glorious not to have to rise within the 5 o’clock hour.

I ran! Since I slept in, I settled for a 3-mile river run, in addition to the morning ab routine. I did the run fairly quickly (25 minutes, I think? Gotta get my hands on a Garmin sometime soon…) so I had a few spare minutes to do some tricep dips on the bench outside my apartment entrance. Fabulous!

I worked! It was the last day of a long, busy week, and it definitely felt like a Friday. By 4 pm everyone in the office seemed to have come down with a serious case of the giggles. Fine by me. Our work was done (more or less)!

I dined! Oh, did I dine.

ABS called me at the office around noon with a divine idea: a nice dinner date before our evening plans. Am I interested? You bet I am. I love a good surprise, and ABS is great at them.

So I left the office around 5:15 and met ABS at an undisclosed location.

OK, not really. We met on 57th and 6th.

First we grabbed a drink at Rue 57. I love getting a glass of wine at a bar before going to dinner. It’s just a thing of mine I guess. Bonus points if the pre-dinner spot is a hotel bar. I think they’re sexy.

Unless it’s a Howard Johnson or Motel 8 or something.


After a quick drink, ABS led the way to our next undisclosed location…

Quality Meats!

Oh my yum.

I’m a sucker for a good steakhouse, so major win tonight for ABS.

This lovely spot, located just south of Central Park on 58th Street, has everything I love: juicy meat, a wine list I can’t understand (so it must all be good, right?) and tons and tons of seating.

Our waiter was friendly, we got a great little corner table (my favorite) and the food was awesome.

We shared a crab cake to start, then I got a filet mignon (medium rare) and we split two sides: broccoli cheese something bites and parmesan waffle fries. It was all delicious, perfectly seasoned and not too heavy (which tends to happen with massive steak meals).

And then…

“Would you care to see a dessert menu?”

“Uh, yeah…” There’s a question I never say no to.

We were short on time (and belly room) so ABS and I split a scoop of cookie ice cream. It came with a side of fresh chocolate sauce. I wanted to drink it. No, that’s not gross. It’s acceptable.

Our next stop: Lincoln Center!

I ballet-ed! Well, I watched some ballet. The holiday season is in full swing, and with that comes one of my favorite traditions: seeing New York City Ballet’s unmatched production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker.

ABS was like a little kid during the show, which made my experience even more enjoyable. I’ve seen the show a bunch of times—job perk!—but tonight’s was extra special, because ABS got so into it. He especially got a kick out of the little angels at the beginning of the second act. They glide across the floor and it’s equal parts adorable and hilarious.

(It’s not a great shot, but the fountain is stunning.)

Love all the photography of the NYCB principals. It's so classy!

Tonight’s leads were Sara Mearns and Tiler Peck—two of my favorites. They were incredible. Totally flawless and a real joy to watch. Even ABS acknowledged that Sara Mearns is astounding.

“How did she do that thing where she soared?” he asked me after the show. Honestly, I don’t even know which thing he was referring to. But yeah, she’s impressive. Such a solid, technical dancer.

Overall, a pretty awesome end to the workday, don’t you think?

Coming up this weekend:

  • A long run tomorrow morning
  • Spending time with two friends from New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon
  • Going out with ABS’s friends tomorrow night
  • Maybe taking a tap class on Sunday? Gotta work up the courage, but I only have a few weeks left to get it done!

DISCUSS: What are you doing this weekend? Share your fun plans!



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