Happy Hanukkah!

Overall, today was pretty yuck, and the rainy, blustery, dark weather was entirely to blame.

Aside from that, however, the day was good! Work was productive, though I admittedly hit a major slump in the afternoon. I was craving something—anything—chocolate but refused to venture into the storm outside to pick something up.

Good thing I keep an emergency stash of hot chocolate packets in my desk!

I also posted the start of my “100 Happy Things” list. Check it out, and add your own happy thoughts in the comments!

After work, I headed up to the gym to do some arm work (bicep curls on an incline bench, dips and tricep exercises) before Matt Pest’s spinning class.

I. Love. Him.

Seriously, I told CJ after class that he’s like my Buddha. Everything he says during class is inspiring and spot-on.

Like when I thought my super-sore legs were going to detach from my body and he said, “You’re going to feel so good when this is over!”

And I did. High 5.

I came home after class to shower quickly then prepare for tonight’s festivities:

It’s the first night of Hanukkah!

OK, so a little background for you…

My dad is Jewish. My mom is not. So growing up, my brother and I got the best of both worlds (in our minds): Presents on Hanukkah and on Christmas!

Aside from that, we weren’t raised with much religious influence (and we turned out fine, Dad, so relax!). But we did learn the basic Jewish prayers that are said on the major holidays and of course celebrated Christmas and Easter, too, but without the church-going.

Now, I’m dating a full-on Jewish boy. Raised in the temple, bar mitzvahed, the whole deal.

So naturally the religion thing came up pretty early on in our relationship. It’s much more important to him than it is to me, so I’m making an effort to learn more about the Jewish faith and see where it takes me.

SHARE: Anyone else out there in an “interfaith relationship?” I’d love to hear about it!

Tonight, we had fun lighting our new menorah together and saying the Hanukkah prayer.

The menorah is a choo choo train! And of course we have the traditional gelt, plus this cute children’s book my mom got for me.

All Aboard the Hanukkah train!



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  1. Happy Hanukkah! High five, lol:)

    Sounds like you got a little festivus going on, sweet.

    We’re Christians, but I go to church Christmas Eve while he watched Die Hard with my father. haaa.

  2. My husband and I are both devout Christians, but we aren’t in agreement on which church we each want to worship at. We are still in the process of finding a healthy balance.

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