Ali is on the RUN!

This day is flying by and it’s been productive, stressful, crazy and awesome!

I’m breaking my “Do Not Blog at Work” rules for a quick update, because I needed to take a little breather.

It felt so good to get into bed early last night. ABS and I were tucked in by 8:45 pm! We watched a few “30 Rock” reruns, then I passed out right up until my alarm started screaming at 5:30 this morning.

I have to say, I was excited to get up and start the week today. It’s going to be a busy work week, but I love that. Deadlines, stress, to-do lists… It’s how I get through life and it’s why I enjoy working in such a deadline-oriented environment. I don’t have much wiggle room for getting off track!

I started my day on the right foot with a 6.4 mile run. Lately I’ve been sticking with the run to Central Park, two lower loops in the park, then running back home, which totals 6.4 miles. I was doing 7 miles, but to be blunt, that gets me pretty far from a potentially-working bathroom, and I’ve wanted to stay close to the Boathouse these days, since my stomach has been sort of wonky in the mornings.

My hands were COLD this morning! The run itself was great, but I think it might be time to invest in something to keep my fingers warm. Any suggestions? I was wearing a jacket with thumbholes, but that doesn’t do much for my fingertips.

I somehow managed to shave my legs, wash, blow dry and straighten my hair, pack lunch and still get out the door early this morning. Miracle!

I also checked in this morning at the office to see that I have 5 outstanding vacation days. I’m all for using them up this year, so this will be the only 5-day work week I have for the remainder of 2011! I’ve got a few mid-week breaks coming up plus two long weekends. High 5!

The only downside to today? I think I’m still full from Thanksgiving! Don’t get me wrong, I ate some delicious items, and I’m not letting myself feel guilty for any of it. But I do feel a bit…softer…than normal.

Tonight it’s back to the gym for a chisel class, then home for more yumminess from our Fairway field trip yesterday.

PLEASE SHARE: ABS and I are hosting a housewarming party in a few weeks and I’m planning a little menu. What are your party must-haves? What are your favorite finger foods to munch on?



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  1. I have nike running gloves. They are great. They came with a hat with a little hole for a pony tail. The nike clearance website usually has some kind of running gloves on sale.

    Great post on meals and miles!

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