I Survived Thanksgiving 2010

Whew. What a whirlwind.

It’s 9:30 pm and I am safely back in my NYC apartment. I survived Thanksgiving 2010.

I’m definitely exhausted from the past few days spent in Lansdale, PA, with my extended family. At any given time there were at least 16 people roaming the house, in search of leftovers, a quiet space to nap or a free shower.

It was mayhem.

Kicking off the holiday weekend with the Gobble Wobble 5K was fantastic. We had a blast dressing up…

Running pilgrims and Indians: What Thanksgiving is all about

I’m also proud to say that I PR’d—since this was my first official 5K! Although the five of us had planned to stick together, something came over me and I took off as soon as the start whistle blew.

Sorry, family! My competitive spirit got the best of me and I wanted to race.

The course was incredibly hilly—my shins were super-sore the next day—but I ended up finishing in 24:35. That’s a 7:55 pace! I didn’t even know I had it in me, especially after a night sleeping on an air mattress. Oh, and did I mention I was wearing a ridiculous Indian costume? I’m not sure how I’ll top that.

After a food-filled Thanksgiving, and an equally binge-festy Black Friday—no shopping involved—I was looking forward to a lazy Saturday. And that’s just what today was.

I slept in yet again and slowly started my day. I went for a 3-mile run, showered, and then the afternoon was spent reunited with very distant friends and family members. My parents were thrilled to see so many of their extended relatives and former neighbors. I didn’t know many people, but there was food, so I was content.

In a wonderful act of convenience, my parents drove me all the way back to my apartment instead of dropping me at a train station in NJ as we had discussed.

I can’t believe there was no traffic.

Now here I am, watching Up in the Air for the millionth time and very slowly unpacking. I was excited to get to show my mom my apartment (my dad had to stay in the illegally parked car, just in case, hehe), which I think she approved of.

It’s been really great having so much time off, and I can honestly say I didn’t once think about work or get stressed about anything non-Thanksgiving related.

Though I am happy to be back in NYC and am looking forward to getting back into my routine. I’m definitely feeling the lingering effects of all the food I’ve consumed, and though I won’t let myself regret any of it (um, it was delicious), I am excited to start burning it all off.

Some fun family photos to wrap up the trip…

Uncle Larry, Aunt Bobbi, my dad, Uncle Joe—Can you tell they’re all siblings?
All the boys!
All the girls!

I’ve missed reading all the blogs I check so often. I’m looking forward to catching up on all of them tomorrow!

TELL ME: Sum up your holiday for me in two sentences! I want to know what you’ve all been up to.



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  1. I will do it in one…Lots of food, family, and fun! I LOVE that your family dresses up in costumes – hysterical 🙂 I go back to my NYC apartment tomorrow and while I will be happy to get back to my routine it will be sad to leave my family.

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