Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, there is so much to be thankful for this year.

I want to keep this post brief since today is about spending maximum time with the family—not about blogging. But a few notes…

Everything worked out fine yesterday! My amazing costume for the Turkey Trot didn’t end up arriving as I had hoped, but my cousin procured a backup for me which worked out fine.

So I took a train out of NJ Transit to Basking Ridge, a quaint little town right off Route 287, which is what my parents were taking out to Pennsylvania. They picked me up on their way and I was happy to hop into a warm car full of food!

Arriving at my aunt and uncle’s house in PA was wonderful last night. The whole family doesn’t get in until today (they flew up from Florida), but there were 11 of us here last night and it was great to catch up, reminisce and laugh a lot.

After calling it a night on various air mattresses scattered throughout the house, we woke up early this morning for the Abington Gobble Wobble 5K!

Fun fact: I had never run an official 5K race until today!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows my family to hear that we dressed up for the race.

We had so much fun!

This was also my first-ever Turkey Trot. What a blast. Everyone at the race—1,700 people—was in great, festive spirits.

I am proud to report that I finished the race—which ohmygosh was so hilly—in 24:something, and at a 7:55 pace. I was thrilled!

The first three finishers in each age division (I was in 25–29) got a medal. I placed fourth.


We also didn’t even know there was a costume contest as part of the race, but there was—and we won! Our prize was 25 Chick-Fil-A coupons. Haha.

As soon as we finished the race, it started to snow! Huge, beautiful flakes. It was perfect.

Now I’m showered, dressed and ready for a fabulous day of lounging, eating and playing CatchPhrase with the family

I am so thankful for so many things in my life this year. A quick Top 10 list, off the top of my head:

  1. My family. They are my world. They are so supportive, so fun just incredible, wonderful people.
  2. ABS. He is funny, smart, thoughtful and a wonderful man. I am so lucky to have him in my life (and apartment!).
  3. My health. Despite the ups and downs I faced this year with Crohn’s Disease, overall I feel great.
  4. Having a job. The economy has sucked, but I’m employed. I also love my job. Can’t beat that.
  5. Running! I love that I have officially become a “runner.” It has changed my life. I feel healthier, more fit and in great shape.
  6. Puppies. Um, duh. I’m thankful for them because they are adorable.
  7. The blogging community. I’m thrilled to have joined this online world and even happier to have started meeting people who share the same interests I do. It’s a motivating, inspiring community and I feel lucky to be a part of it.
  8. Trail mix. It’s my fave.
  9. My iPhone. It has changed my life. I never worry about getting lost anymore!
  10. YOU! I’m thankful for everyone who reads my blog. I love getting comments from people and I look forward to meeting more of you.

I could go on and on and on. It’s been an incredible year!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a perfect day!

TELL ME: What are you thankful for this year?



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  1. I’m totally creeping seeing as this post was written 4 years ago! Ha, but I was on your race recaps page and saw this – this race is right by my house and I run it every year!! What are the chances…

    I love this race – I an’t do it this year so I’m a little bummed. Just read your Steamtown recap – way to go!!!!

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