A Few Thankful Thoughts

This blog has to be a quickie because I’m in the midst of a jam-packed evening. I still have to shower, clean and pack before dutifully settling in for the 2-hour (oy) season finale of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Full disclaimer: I’m not a fan of the show. I’m watching it and blogging it for my job.

So, let’s get right to the point.

Thanksgiving is just two days away. Yay!

I’m in the mood to give thanks, so here are five things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Having an incredibly productive workday. It’s a stressful time with deadlines constantly looming, but today I made some serious headway, including booking my trip to L.A. in January! We’re headed out there for some exciting photo shoots with some very familiar faces. More to come on that in the future.
  2. Eating a delicious tuna melt from Whole Foods for lunch. Dipped in carrot ginger soup, it was the thing comfort food dreams are made of.
  3. Spinning my little heart out after work. The teacher kept telling us to picture our Thanksgiving feast and use that as motivation. Turns out, all that did was make me want to walk out of class and drink a glass of gravy. But it was a really great class and it felt good to sweat out some holiday stress.
  4. Picking up pictures at Walgreens on my way home. I put out a bunch of picture frames when I moved into this apartment, but none of them were ABS/Ali photos—they were mostly “Ali and her college friends” photos. Now I’ve made some updates and printed out some of my favorite digital memories.
  5. Sweatpants. Putting on cozy sweats at the end of the day is the very best feeling in the world, don’t you think? Bonus points if they’re warm from the dryer!

OK, I have to confess, there is one thing that’s stressing me out right now…

My Turkey Trot costume hasn’t arrived yet! I ordered it last week and am having it shipped to my office. My fingers are crossed that it gets dropped off before I leave tomorrow. The costume is amazing and I really want to be able to wear it for the 5K on Thursday morning!

OK, off to clean/eat/pack/shower/blog/trynottogocrazy.

P.S. I did get to watch “Glee” tonight, and it was beyond brilliant. I sobbed. It was an awesomely well-done episode. Man that show is good.

TELL ME: How do you stay calm during the holidays? Got any advice, tips or tricks to share?



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