What the Doctor Ordered

I’m not at work.

I used to feel incredibly guilty taking sick days. Despite the fact that I get seven of them every year, I usually only go through two or three. I tend to get stressed about not being in the office. What can I say? It’s the control freak in me.

But when my alarm went off this morning, I knew I needed to make the call.

My throat was sore. My head hurt. My body felt so heavy that I didn’t think I could even get out of bed.

I consulted with ABS, who was definitely still in a pretty deep sleep:

Me: “Is it bad if I call in sick?”

Him: “No.”

Decision made.

I went back to bed and though I stirred a bit while ABS was getting ready for work (pretty sure he was envious that I was still in bed, since I am always up before him), but once he left and turned the lights off, I was out.

When I re-awoke at 8:00, I felt better, at least mentally. I really needed those extra 2 1/2 hours. I leisurely got up, ate a granola bar and watched the Today show.

I was feeling OK and rested, so I put on these brand-spanking-new guys to see what I could accomplish despite feeling less than stellar:

They’re so white!

I wear Brooks Adrenaline sneakers and couldn’t resist the good deal they were having on them at RoadRunnerSports.com. I normally pay upwards of $120 for them at Jack Rabbit Sports solely because I love that store so much. But $70 online? Don’t mind if I do.

I love the shoe—it fits great and running in it is like running on a cloud. But I don’t know if I love this:

The thing underneath the Brooks logo sort of looks like a flower to me, and I am not a flower girl. Haha. Flower Girl.

Anyway. The shoes fit great, and as soon as I started investing in real running shoes I learned that the look doesn’t matter. The feel does.

I remember buying my first pair of running shoes at Jack Rabbit. They had me on the treadmill, had me pick out the pair I liked, and then I said “What other colors does this shoe come in? Do you have lime green?” The sales guy looked at me like I had six heads.

That’s when I learned: fit over fashion.

Anyway. The shoes felt great and I’m excited to start breaking in a new pair.

The run, however… Well let’s just say I probably should have stayed in bed. I covered 7 miles somehow, but I was hurting. My body felt tired. Signs that I need rest.

Maybe one of my 2011 resolutions will be to learn to chill out. I’ve been pushing it pretty hard lately.

So now I will run some local errands than resolve to the couch for the day. Because fun things are happening tonight and this weekend…

Tonight = Elf on Broadway!

Tomorrow = My first hot yoga class at Pure Yoga (Still open to any advice about what to wear, things to know, etc.)

Sunday = Blogger brunch at Ashley’s! Can’t wait to meet all the people I read about all the time.

Have a great day, everyone! SoapNet is calling my name…

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  1. I feel so guilty any time I call in sick to work, too! I always have to get confirmation from my husband that it is okay if I call in sick.

    Did you honestly wear shorts/capris on your run?!?! It is SO cold here!! It has been like 10 degrees when I’ve gone running in the mornings–not fun!

    1. Haha yes, I did in fact wear shorts. But I wore them with a jacket on top. I find that my legs warm up pretty quickly. It was about 40 degrees when I ran, so not too bad. I’m dreading the impending temperature drop!

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