Fun Fall Fitness

I’m so excited because I have a few fun fitness-y things to look forward to in the next few weeks.

First, I’m finally taking my first hot yoga class! Pure Yoga in NYC is offering free classes this weekend—Happy Thanksgiving, yogis!—and I was lucky enough to secure a spot in the Saturday afternoon Hot Power Yoga class.

So, readers, I need your help. This is my first hot yoga class, so please please please give me any advice you have.

I’m thinking I’ll wear short shorts and a breathable tank top (I swear by Lululemon’s Cool Racerback tanks), and I’ll finally get use out of my new yoga mat! Does that seem like it’ll work? I’m obviously planning to bring a giant water bottle and I know not to eat too much beforehand.

Any other advice people can give would be amazing. I’m a little nervous and super excited.

Then, in December, Dori hooked me up with a spot in the Refine Method class she’s hosting. I’m looking forward to this one because I’ve been wanting to try a Bar Method or Physique 57 class for a while but haven’t wanted to shell out the cash. So thanks, Dori, for the hookup! Also, the class is taught by Brynn Jinnett, who’s a former dancer. I’m hoping I can get some face time with her afterward to pick her brain.

Again, if you’ve tried a Refine Method (or similar) class, go ahead and share your wealth of knowledge. I’m new!

OK, to recap my day…

After a rough start, my workday got pretty crazy. Lots to do in preparation for having a few days off next week! Trust me, I’m not complaining. It’s going to be so nice spending some time out of the city with my whole extended family.

Speaking of family, here’s my sister-in-law (Michaela), my brother and me after dinner at Tony’s DiNapoli last night. I swear I’m still full from that meal…

Full and happy!

So after being really busy all day at work, I scooted over to the gym for Spinning with Matt Pest. I really love Matt’s class. I might have a little crush on him because he always rocks out to music from “Glee” and Broadway’s American Idiot. But mostly I like him because he’s always so positive. He’ll say things like “Push it for the next 12 counts—What’s 12 counts out of your whole day?!” He makes a valid point, no? I love it at the very end of class, during that last uphill climb, he asks us all “Who’s stronger than you tonight?” Um, duh. No one.

Except tonight, I think lots of people were stronger than me. My body felt exhausted. I need more sleep. Hence why, now that I’m home, I’m forgoing my lengthy to-do list—which includes watching last night’s episode of “Glee”—and crawling into bed. Time for some cuddling and “30 Rock.” Happy Ali.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will lead to a better run for me than what I experienced today. Fingers crossed.

Sweet dreams!



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  1. Thanks again for a delicious dinner the other night! It was great to see you guys! As for your upcoming yoga class, I’d suggest bringing a towel to put on top of your yoga mat (otherwise, you’ll be sliding around a lot) and another small towel (a sweat rag for your face). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the class!

  2. i took spin today too! did you see me hiding all the way in the back? haha
    rest up! you’ll need energy for hot yoga and all your super early morning runs. =]

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