Monday Surprise

ABS isn’t necessarily a big “surprise” guy. So when I was planning a night of marathon gymming—Chisel, Spinning and Abs—he suggested I just do one class and then come home.

When I said I really wanted to do Spinning, he said to come home: “I have a surprise for you,” he told me.

A surprise?! Awesome. I like surprises and I knew that it would be something good.

So, I did the Chisel class after work (too many squats, I get so bored with squats) then hopped on the subway with a smile on my face. I beat ABS to the apartment so I changed into my PJs and sat on the couch with a bag of baby carrots.

I heard the door unlock, ABS smiles at me, then turns into the hallway and says “OK, you’re good.” Then, in walks my brother, Ryan!

I was so, so excited.

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister-in-law came to town yesterday for work. They live in Wilmington, MA, (a suburb of Boston) and I don’t get to see them often enough. Also, my brother has never visited me since I’ve lived in NYC.

He was our first official visitor at the apartment since we’ve lived together, which is exciting.

I loved that Ryan and ABS had been planning this whole surprise visit through email for a few weeks. It makes me happy when the family and the BF start to really bond.

After giving Ry Guy a quick tour of the apartment, I swapped out the PJs for some jeans and we all went to a bar near the apartment to watch “the game” (honestly, I don’t even know which games were on and what I was supposed to be watching) and get some dinner. ABS had a bunch of his friends come to the bar as well, which was fun.

Unfortunately, Ryan is here all day today while Michaela (my sister-in-law) and I both do the work thang. He’s going to walk around the city and explore, then we’re all getting dinner tonight. Yay!

Oh, and despite being brutally tired this morning, I did get in a short 3.5ish mile run. I slept in a bit so I didn’t want to push it too far. Felt good to get the legs moving though.

DISCUSS: Do you like surprises? I want to hear your best surprise story!

Have a great day, everyone!



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