Let Christmas Shiiiine!

I’m normally a “Wait until after Thanksgiving has passed to celebrate the holidays” kind of girl.

But for the past three years, I’ve enjoyed the wonderful privilege of attending opening night of The Radio City Christmas Spectacular here in NYC.

Radio City Music Hall is captivatingly beautiful during the holiday season.

It. Is. Awesome. Opening night always falls in early November, so it gets me into the holiday spirit way before I need to be.

If you’ve never seen the show, you absolutely must. You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to appreciate the high-kicking Rockettes, the magical sets and the stunning costumes.

My iPhone takes pretty terrible photos, but it was all I could get away with.

In college, I was the captain of the Kickline team. Like the Rockettes, only jazzier! Seeing this show every year makes me incredibly nostalgic.

I’d like to think that someday I’ll somehow step on the stage at Radio City Music Hall…
This is from the “New York at Christmas” set. They have a real NY Sightseeing Grayline bus on stage!

Obviously I had a fantastic evening, and was so happy to get to share it with two lovely friends. Betsy and Lauren (who was my college roommate) were both a part of Team Challenge and ran the 1/2 Marathon in Las Vegas with me!

Tonight was Betsy’s (left) first time seeing the Christmas Spectacular! She loved it. I had a blast taking a first-timer.

All in all today was a good day—perhaps because now I’m officially on vacation!

Work was productive—I even got out at lunch to do some grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I stocked up on cereal and trail mix ingredients so I can bring my own snacks to Mexico. I don’t want to rely entirely on the resort food. You just never know.

After work, pre-Rockettes, I squeezed in a quick gym trip and took BodyArt with Rachel C W, who was subbing for Bethany, the usual teacher. The class wasn’t very hard, which was disappointing, though I think my body is OK with that.

It was also great chatting with CJ, my new gym buddy! We met through Social Workout, and she’s a blog reader! Hi CJ!

Tomorrow is my pre-vacation day, and I’m so glad I decided to take it off from work. I have to get my Remicade infusion in the morning—more on that tomorrow for those who are curious—then it’s off to the gym, errand running, laundry and hopefully an evening run before I pack (and I guess I should do that before the laundry, hehe).

DISCUSS: What are your pre-vacation rituals? Any must-do activities? I have a pretty thorough packing list, but of course I’m paranoid I’ll forget to buy/pack/wash something. Share any vacation packing tips you have, please!



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    so i HAD to leave a comment after that shout out. i feel like i’ve been outed as a blog stalker. haha
    i haven’t seen the show yet! it’s def on my list of things to do this holiday season.
    i’ve been told many times that rolling your clothes is better because they take up less space that way. and if you check your bag, keep an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on, just in case the luggage doesn’t make it.
    hope you have fun on vacation! =]

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