Rainy Monday Morning

I have to get out the door, but wanted to document now that it’s going to be a great day. Why, you ask?

  1. I slept great. I passed out so hard last night that I never even got under the covers. Instead of moving me, ABS got another blanket and covered us both up. Good man.
  2. I slept IN! No 5:30 am wakeup for me today. Instead I got to snooze until about 6:30. I leisurely got up, ate a granola bar, did my 200 crunches and got out the door for a run around 7:30 am.
  3. Since I don’t have to go into work until later this morning, I was able to get in a steady 7-mile run in Central Park to kick off the day. I felt pretty slow because the wind was so strong, but I also felt solid and strong. Thank you, legs. I love you. You’re so good to me. The whole time I was running I was channeling Shalane Flanagan, the American runner who—in her marathon debut—placed second at yesterday’s marathon. Incredible. Girl is a rockstar.
  4. I’m wearing a hot pink sweater. It’s cold and dreary outside. Last week I wore black all week long. This week I’m jazzing it up. Hot pink for the win.
  5. I have extra time before I need to be at the photo shoot so I’m going to swing through Lululemon on my way there and hopefully get a yoga mat. I’m convinced that if I own a mat, I’ll start going to yoga. My body has felt so tight lately and I really want to get into yoga.
  6. I don’t have to spent money on lunch. Photo shoot days mean catered lunch. Yay for saving money!
  7. I leave for Mexico in three days. Sunshine! Warm weather! No work! I can’t wait.
  8. The ING NYC Marathon registration opens today at noon. I’ll be at the shoot but hopefully I can get online on my phone and get my name into that lottery. So exciting!

TELL ME: What’s been great about your Monday so far? There has to be something!



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