NYC Marathon Sunday!

What an exciting, inspirational day here in NYC.

I woke up bright and early—loved that extra hour of sleep, thank you very much Daylight Savings Time!—to get a run in before Marathon Madness began. After yesterday’s 12-miler, I just wanted a short, easy run to keep my legs loose. I covered 3.6 miles along the East River and stopped near the dog park to do 100 dips on the park benches (and puppy watch, of course).

Then it was time for the day to begin!

ABS and I met our friends for brunch then set up shop on 1st Avenue between 80th and 81st Streets. It was perfect. We got front-row spots and arrived in time to see some of the non-elite-but-still-super-fast runners. They were cruising—it looked like they were on wheels!

Go runners!

We got to see lots of celebs who were running the race, including Bobby Flay, Edison Peña (the Chilean miner), Al Roker, Jared the Subway guy and celebrities of our own, including my former roommate and ABS’s rabbi! It was so exciting spotting people we knew (or at least recognized).

I kept my eyes peeled for two of my favorite bloggers, Becky Anne, Jocelyn, Ashley and Leslie, but sadly didn’t see them. I hope you ladies all feel amazing tonight! You rock!

Overall the day was so inspiring. Registration for the 2011 NYC Marathon opens tomorrow at 12 pm. Count me in.

But of course, it can all best be described through fun photos, so here goes…

We stood next to a family holding a Swedish flag. It was a blast whenever Swedes ran by because they got so excited!
I liked this pink outfit.
As if running 26.2 miles isn’t hard enough, SO many people did it in costume!
We saw two Minnie Mouse runners and four Waldos/Waldas!
Hehe. People have such a great sense of humor. I loved this guy!
Love that NYC enthusiasm
Anyone know what was up with these guys?! We saw tons of them!
This is NOT Edison Peña—just a guy dressed as a Chilean Miner!
A running rhino…?
A brief meetup with Mike and Alex, superfans!
My awesome marathon watching buddy. It got COLD when the sun went away! Thank goodness for hot chocolate.

HUGE congratulations to all of the runners. You’re amazing!

Coming up for me this week:

  • Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for work, so I can actually sleep in a bit before going in. Tomorrow night I have a gala for work. So it’ll be a super late night.
  • Tuesday is my only full day at the office this week! And it’s opening night at Radio City Music Hall, so you bet I’ll be there celebrating the start of the holiday season with the Rockettes.
  • Wednesday I have to get Remicade in the morning (details to come on what exactly that means later this week) then I have the rest of the day off because…
  • On Thursday ABS and I are going to Mexico! His friend is having a destination wedding, so we’ll be spending four wonderful days in Riviera Maya. I can’t wait to get out of the NYC cold and onto a beach.

TALK TO ME: Did you run, watch or follow the NYC Marathon today? There were so many inspiring stories to follow. I loved every minute of it. Happy Sunday!



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  1. Hey!! That rhino guy was running pretty close to me!! haha – I’m seriously considering a costume next year!

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