All Moved In, Not At All Unpacked

Whew! What a weekend!

Let me preface this all by saying that I just made Meghann’s delicious peanut butter cups, and I am in heaven. They. Are. Awesome. Thanks for the recipe — And for those of you on the Upper East Side, let me know if you want a sample! You can come trick or treat to me.

Look how pretty!

And the inside…

Creamy peanut butter yumminess

For our first official, home-cooked meal together, ABS made some steak with a side of broccoli. I chowed down too fast to get a photo. Next time! But in short, it was delicious.

OK, so let’s recap the weekend, shall we? Because while it was Halloween Weekend for some, it was MOVING WEEKEND for me!

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and, to get in the right frame of mind, went for my last morning run along the Hudson River Parkway (well, not for good, but you get my drift). The run was perfect. Sunny, cool, a bit breezy. I got in 8.5 miles at a brisk 8:40 pace.

Side note: Thinking I do, in fact, want to invest in the Garmin Forerunner. Still very much welcoming peoples’ thoughts and opinions though!

After my run, I took my last shower at 4A then did some last minute packing. Next thing I knew, ABS and his awesome friend (I call him Roper, his last name) were pulling up to my building in the U-Haul van.

I made them pose for many photos. They didn’t like it very much. Yet they obliged. Such nice boys.

The boys made the day amazing. They did all the heavy lifting. I carried a few pillows and held a few doors, but other than that they did everything, and I am incredibly grateful.


We ended up taking two trips because between the bed (with the box spring, mattress and frame), dresser, desk, chair, couch and other miscellaneous boxes, we couldn’t make it all in one shot.

Luckily we got parking spots right in front of our apartments both times and didn’t any traffic driving back and forth. Piece of cake (for me at least!).

Packing the van as full as possible
I kept yelling “Pivot! PiVOT!” Neither of them got the “Friends” reference, sadly.
They said this was the worst part. I guess the couch was heavy. I asked if I could lay on it while they carried it, and they gave me death stares.
My crap is everywhere…

All in all, the move itself went really smoothly. The bedroom is all set up (the first thing I did when I got here was make the bed, obviously) and I’ll get the living room all done tomorrow night.

After doing some unpacking yesterday and taking a short nap with ABS, we got dressed up and I took the boys out for some celebratory dinner and drinks.

ABS as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Roper as Santa

I was dressed in full Flashdance attire, but didn’t take any photos of myself.

We went to Mustang’s on the Upper East Side for some delicious Mexican food (I had steak fajitas) then went to a party at ABS’s friend’s apartment. Lovely little night in my new neighborhood.

After spending my first night in the new place, and sleeping in a bit, I went for a run in Central Park. I ran there, did the 5-mile loop in the park, then ran home, totaling 7 miles. I would have liked to cover a bit more ground because I was feeling good, but I had lots to do today and needed to get back HOME to do it.

I have to say, it’s really fun being so close to Central Park!

After a quick shower, I went with ABS and Roper to their soccer game on the Lower East Side. We did our first joint grocery shopping trip at Whole Foods, then I went to my friend’s apartment to visit with our college friend who was in town for the weekend.

After that, ABS and I made dinner… And set off the smoke alarm. Many, many times. Oops.

We made steak with a side of broccoli (we share a love for A1 steak sauce and tons of garlic), which was so good. Nothing was burnt, the smoke alarm is just very sensitive I guess.

Now I have my first load of laundry going, I’ve unpacked a few more boxes and we’re about to settle in for some peanut butter dessert and “30 Rock.”

I am so excited to be living with ABS. We’ve already laughed a lot, high fived a lot and agreed on who will cook and clean and who will take out the trash.

Whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up, and he takes out the trash because it grosses me out.

Also, he brought me flowers tonight, which made me happy. I warned him not to spoil me too much. Hehe.

And that’s my weekend in a really long nutshell! I hope everyone else had a fabulous one, and I’ll be back this week with my moving advice regarding what worked, what didn’t and what I will and will not do again.

Happy Halloween and, in a few hours, Happy November!



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