Moving Day is TOMORROW

Holy crap. I’m moving tomorrow. It seems like forever ago that ABS and I first discussed the option of moving in together. Now the day is almost here.

Today will mark many “last” things. Like this morning was my “Last Weekday Morning Run on the Hudson.” Sad! It’s been my favorite way to wake up for the past two years. But I was treated to a wonderful sight:

Look how dark out it is in the morning now!

You know I’m a sucker for those cruise ships!

I popped out of bed at 5:50 this morning, ready to tackle the day. Since Wednesday night was so productive, I’m not feeling overly stressed about this move.

Here’s what I need to accomplish today (in addition to working 9 hours) in order to make tomorrow as painless as possible:

  • Donate clothes to Goodwill (This will be easy—Goodwill is right near my office so I can run out on lunch!)
  • TRX class at the gym after work (A quick, 30-minute strength class will ease my mind.)
  • Pack up kitchen stuff (That’s really all that’s left, and it’s not much!)
  • Watch The Office (It was new last night and I need to catch up, hehe.)
  • Vacuum! I don’t want to do it tomorrow, so I’ll be cleaning as much as I can tonight.
  • Oh, and some Pinkberry would be a nice treat. We’ll see if I have time!

Plus, one of my college roommates is in town and I’d love to see her tonight. So I’m hoping that once the aforementioned tasks are taken care of I can head uptown, unpack some of the stuff I moved up the other night then swing by to see my friend, who will be in that same area.


Hope everyone has a productive day!



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