All My Bags Are Packed…

…I’m almost ready to go!

Tonight is somewhat bittersweet. I’m so excited to be moving in with ABS tomorrow (OMG, tomorrow—When did that happen?!), but so many wonderful things have happened in my current apartment, and I’ll definitely miss my 2-year home here in Apartment 4A.

A brief recap of today: run, work, write, Goodwill, Whole Foods, gym (two classes: Rebounding and BodyWeb with TRX), really hot shower, The Office, pizza delivery, packing.

Now here I am, putting last minute things in boxes and remembering how much my life has changed since I first moved into this apartment on November 1, 2008.

Instead of getting too wordy, here’s a little “photo essay” of things I’ll miss about my beautiful, spacious West Side apartment…

Unbeatable rooftop views
A roofdeck ideal for drinking wine, eating pizza & hula hooping
Proximity to the Theater District & all Broadway shows = Fantastic bonus
Huge bedroom windows and seemingly unlimited natural light
The rooftop views are even better when the sun goes down
A convenient apartment location means people are always willing to visit!
Proximity to Cafeteria = All I can eat Mac & Cheese!
In the summer, a good street fair is never far…
Also crucial in the summer: Being close to The Frying Pan!
Winter is kind of pretty, too
Not too shabby…
…But this isn’t too shabby, either. A tree-lined block! Away from the Lincoln Tunnel! On a quiet street!
Then there’s the best part of all. My new roommate!
I guess I can sacrifice Theater District-convenience to live with this guy

So tomorrow is the big day. ABS and his friend are getting here around 10:30 am with the moving van, and then we’re off…

Stay tuned for moving day updates. I’m sure it’ll be eventful!

Sweet dreams!



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  1. Congrats on everything! My sister used to live on the UES and she LOVED it – you seem so happy! A quiet street is SUCH an added bonus too. I’m right on park and it’s insane. 🙁

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