Sugar Is Not My Friend

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the potential Garmin Forerunner 205 purchase debate. I think I want to find a friend who has that model and see if I can borrow it and test it out. What’s a little wrist sweat between friends?

Today was a good day. Work was busy (it always is, these days), though I had a bit of an afternoon sugar crash.

Since I’ve started eating cleaner and healthier, my cravings have definitely shifted. I’m still a chocoholic, but I’m satisfied by trail mix or a Larabar now. I don’t always need a brownie (though sometimes, nothing satisfies quite like a warm brownie and a scoop of ice cream).

Today marked the monthly “Birthday Lunch” celebration at our office—every month we’re treated to some sort of theme snack (it used to be a full lunch spread, now budget cuts have made it into more of a potluck situation) to honor that month’s birthday boys and girls.

Today’s theme was Halloween treats.

Instead of candy, people brought in chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, brownies topped with Peppermint Patties and so much more. And I went to town.

I just couldn’t resist sampling a bit of everything. I didn’t even have time to catch a photo of my “Before” plate, though here’s my “After” plate:

All gone!

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of it and tried not to feel guilty about splurging afterward (still working on that—I have a habit of beating myself up when I overindulge, and I know I shouldn’t).

About an hour later, I hit a major sugar crash. I got super tired and developed a headache. Focusing on work became difficult and I just wanted to curl up and take a nap.

I blame the sugar! My body wasn’t used to taking in so much in one sitting. Lesson learned: Indulge, but do it smartly. Cake, two brownies, some cupcakes and an Oreo? Maybe I didn’t need all of it.

Now I know.

Oh and I have I mentioned lately how much I love NYC? Here’s today’s photo proof that this city is gorgeous:

“You can’t leave New York! You’re the Chrysler Building!”

DISCUSS: What’s your favorite food indulgence? I’m a warm chocolate girl. Molten lava cake is my ultimate weakness, followed by anything fresh from the oven (brownies, cookies, you name it).



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