10 Reasons Today Was A Great Day

For some reason, at just 9:30 pm, I find myself completely exhausted. In honor of my sleepiness, a short (but sweet) list post! And now…

This is not my dog. I wish...

10 Reasons Today Was A Great Day:

  1. I had a good run. My alarm went off at 6 am, as usual, and my first thought was, “Wow, I have no idea what day it is.” My second thought: “Time to run!” I got up and had a great run. Legs felt loose, I felt pretty fast and it was, as usual, the right way to start my day. (It’s Tuesday, by the way.)
  2. I decided to wear my favorite dress—and it’s too big. I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m just trying to maintain where I am now. But I can’t complain that the dress I wear all the time is suddenly baggy. And a coworker even noticed!
  3. Before I even left for work, I packed an entire bag (er, hamper) full of clothes. In preparation for tomorrow night’s mini-move, I’m trying to use all my time to get as much done as possible. Dresser emptied before 8 am = success!
  4. I got Chipotle for lunch. Need I say more? I get a bowl with rice, chicken, tomatoes and corn. Pretty simple, but oh-so-fulfilling.
  5. On my way back to the office, I saw an adorable French bulldog puppy. I wanted to snatch him. But I didn’t. Someday I’ll have my own pup. Until then, a girl can dream…
  6. We got the photos back from the shoot in Utah and I am so happy with them. So far they all look amazing and I’m so proud that I survived—and kind of rocked—my first solo photo shoot. Pat on my own back, if I may.
  7. While we’re on the subject of post-Utah things, I buckled down at work and wrote a big feature story this afternoon. I would have loved to procrastinate that for as long as possible, but I actually turned it on right on deadline. That’s not necessarily my strong suit. I usually like to feel the pressure for a while. It feels great to check things off the old to-do list.
  8. I completed my 50 gym visits! Per my health insurance policy, if I go to the gym 50 times in six months, I get a bit of money back. It’s great motivation to get there as often as possible, and I actually completed my 50 visits in just three and a half months! Check, please!
  9. I took my favorite class at the gym: BodyArt. It’s so challenging, but also so soothing and rewarding. I love all of the slow, drawn-out movements and poses mixed in with the free-flowing dance moves. I sweat so much in that class, and I walk out of the room feeling revived. Check out the New York Times article on the class!
  10. “Glee” was new tonight! I confess, I’ve never seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” so most of the episode was over my head, but I still enjoyed sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of pasta and rocking out to the “Time Warp.”

That’s all, folks! Sweet dreams!

TELL ME: What made your day great?

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  1. Yay for a good day! And I was about to say “What a CUTE dog!” haha…He’s so adorable 🙂 I think it’s totally awesome that your work gives you money back for going to the gym so many times in a six month period!

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