OK, I’m Calm…

…for now at least.

Today was a good day. Any day that starts with a fast run is usually a good day, to be honest.

Then it was off to work, where I had to play catch up. Three days out of the office = where did my morning go?! I love days that fly by like that. Needless to say today was a productive one.

After work, it was off to the gym for Chisel. I didn’t love today’s class. We did so many squats, which I would normally be OK with, but my knees were hurting (They were clicking—should I be worried? Anyone?) and I didn’t want to push it.

I was hoping to do Melinda’s 6:15 spinning class, which is my fave, but she was out for like, the fourth week in a row, and her sub is pretty miserable. (Sorry, sub, you need more energy.)

So it was off to stock up on oats at K-Mart then home to eat them.

I’m calm because I did some more packing tonight (Desk stuff? Packed. Shoes? Packed. Crap that lives under my bed? Packed. Custard? Goood. Jam? Good. Beef? Goooood.)

My lovely friend (who so conveniently has a car in the city) is going to help me move some stuff on Wednesday night, which will be a huge help. I want Saturday, when we have the U-Haul van, to be mostly about getting the final big things (bed, bed frame, desk, dresser, couch, TV stand). So the fact that she’s willing to do a trip with me, which will be mostly clothes and random things, is going to be amazing.

Now that I got some work stresses out of the way and some moving stresses out of the way, I’m hoping to actually get some sleep tonight. Rise and shine at 6 am tomorrow.

The countdown is on… Moving in five days!

DISCUSS: I loved all of your de-stressing tips and advice! By being productive I feel so much better, and the excess of endorphins I got today definitely helped. Got any packing/moving tips to share with me now? I’d love to read them!



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