My First Freak Out

No amount of Tylenol PM could help me sleep last night.

I was so excited about getting to bed at a decent hour (I tucked myself in at 9:30, then read under the covers for a while), but once I shut the lights off I started tossing and turning like crazy. Somewhere around 11 pm I finally got up to make a handful of To-Do lists.

Here’s the thing: I don’t like or do well with change. I think it’s fun to change up the layout of a living room every now and then, but beyond that I prefer that things stay the same.

So needless to say the fact that, in just five days, everything is going to be different isn’t sitting too well with me, and it’s keeping me up at night.

I know that living with ABS is going to be amazing. When people ask what I’m most excited about, my immediate response is “everything” followed by “I’m going to laugh all the time.” It’s true. ABS is so, so funny, and I can’t wait to get a six-pack just from all the giggling fits I’ll have (OK, a girl can dream—if only it were that easy).

I’m stressed about the move itself. I feel like I’m in good shape, packing-wise, but last night when I went to reserve the U-Haul truck, they only had vans available. I’m terrified that we’re going to pick up the van and my bed won’t fit in it, or something like that.

I’m stressed about finding a new running route. I know that seems so silly—it’s NYC and there are running paths everywhere. But every morning (almost) for the past two years, I’ve run the exact same 5-mile path. And I love it. The distance is perfect, it’s nice and flat, and I love all the familiar faces I see every morning.

OK, no more stressing for this morning—the more I go on, the later to work I’ll be. And I’m stressed about that too! Plus, I know that my body and mind actually can’t afford to be stressed out. The last time this happened, I had a pretty serious Crohn’s flare up. And I’d love to avoid that this time around!

Oh, and this morning’s 5-miler was perfect. I had to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to prevent further chafing after yesterday’s painful experience, so I was a bit warm, but it was amazing seeing the sun rise over the city. At least the sun still rises on the East Side…

I think I need to learn to love yoga. Yogis seem calm…

DISCUSS: How do you de-stress? I could use some tips!



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  1. I’m not the best person at de-stressing, and definitely have bouts of insomnia. A lot of people say to keep a notepad by your bed [so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed to write down those lists]. I think a bath and a glass of wine would do it though!

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