I Survived the Red Eye

I’m getting ready for a much-needed afternoon snooze—and I think I deserve it!

My flight back from Utah was pretty uneventful. The highlight was the 6-month-old boxer puppy who was on board. Everyone was cooing over the little guy. So precious.

While I waited for the flight to board (for six hours—seriously) I watched Dear John on my laptop (gotta love the “Watch Instantly” feature on Netflix). I had read the book a few months ago and hated it. So I’m not sure why I decided to watch the movie. I found it to be just as bad. Underdeveloped storylines, awkward moments, unconvincing characters. It did help pass the time though.

I was in an extra legroom seat, which was lovely, and slept for a while on the plane. The problem was that it was freezing! Everyone was complaining and I was actually shivering at one point.

We got to JFK right on time: 5:40 am. It was pitch dark out. I debated trying to stay up, go for a run and start my day, but when I got to my apartment around 6:15 I crawled right into bed and slept until 9:00. My body was grateful!

Once I woke up, I lounged around for a while and caught up on the shows I missed this week. (Any “30 Rock” fans out there? Thursday’s episode was hilarious.)

Finally I got the motivation to go for a run. One of the ways I stay motivated is by purchasing cute workout gear. I was so excited about my new Gap Fit running jacket (their new line of exercise clothing is really cute!) that I was dying to get out for a run. Check it out:

It has thumb holes!!! You really can’t beat that.

The 5-mile run definitely helped my body feel back to normal after all the traveling I did this week.

After a wonderfully hot shower, I did a lot of packing. I can’t believe I’m moving in with ABS in one week! Ahh!

He came over this afternoon and then we went to Madison Square Park to check out the last day of the market they’ve been having. So much fun!

These pretzels were HUGE!
I got a yummy lamb meatball sandwich. ABS was jealous.

The best part was dessert…

A warm, wonderfully sweet Nutella crepe. Don’t mind if I do!

Next up was a trip to Whole Foods where I bought every kind of apple imaginable. I’m a Macintosh girl, but this season I’ve been loving the Empires. I also bought my first Honey Crisp apple. Can’t wait to try it!

Tonight we’re going to dinner with ABS’s family at Blue Water Grill. We’ve been wanting to go there for months, so I’m looking forward to it.

Hope everyone is enjoying this perfect fall day.

Nap time!



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