Saturday Summarized

I’m tempted to make the title of every post between now and Thanksgiving “A Fabulous Fall Day.” Cheesy, yes, but fall is bringing so much great stuff!

I still can’t get over the awesome night I had last night. It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed. I took a bath, I ate ice cream and then I slept for 10 wonderful hours. That’s right. I didn’t get out of bed until almost 8:00 this morning! That’s huge for me. I’m normally a 6 am kind of girl.

I’m also normally a Saturday morning run kind of girl, but the wind terrified me today. So instead of running and risking getting blown into the Hudson River, I went to the gym for a bit of weight training followed by a spinning class and some abs. The class only had 10-15 people in it, which would normally get me down, but today I didn’t mind. I was just happy to be spinning to some of the best music from the 90s (La Bouche, anyone?).

After a lovely, steamy shower and a delicious Larabar, I got my errands out of the way. Some bathroom things for the new apartment at Bed Bath & Beyond (plus a fabulously soft new throw blanket) then a quick trip to Whole Foods. Everywhere I went there were signs of fall!

Big pumpkins!
I like the little ones. They’re cute.

Of course by that point I was itching to get a run in. So I went back home, changed and scooted out for a fast 3-miler. Nothing big, because I’m planning a long run for tomorrow. But it felt good to get my legs moving, especially because my hamstrings are so sore from yesterday’s TRX class.

Afterward I did some more packing then my roommate and I headed out for our “celebratory dinner.” Tony’s di Napoli is our favorite restaurant in NYC. It’s classic, family-style Italian and we both adore the penne a la vodka with broccoli. Delish. It was nice to spend some time together and catch up since we’ve both been so busy lately.

Now it’s past my bedtime (as usual) and I’m excited to curl up with my new blanket for a great night’s sleep. Sweet dreams of more beautiful days in NYC…

Couldn’t resist being touristy and taking this photo today on my walk to Bed Bath & Beyond.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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