Major Blogging Milestone

I am thrilled to report that I hit a big blogging milestone today: I hit—then seriously surpassed—100 page views! I’m sure to many the fact that I’m even acknowledging this is so silly. Many of the blogs I read get tens of thousands of hits daily. But having only been a part of this blogosphere for a little over a week, I’m psyched.

Now don’t get me wrong—I’m not in this for the page views. But I’m thrilled that people are stopping by Ali on the Run and hopefully liking what they see enough to keep coming back. To everyone who has been reading: Thank you! And to those who are new: Welcome!

I’d love to know who my readers are, though! How’d you come across the blog? Any feedback? Please please please share your thoughts in the comments. I can’t wait to get to know you all. And if you’re a fellow blogger, send me your site address so I can read all about you, too!

Speaking of liking what they see… I’ve reached out to a few trustworthy friends and the consensus so far is that Ali on the Run needs more photos! In order to do so, I definitely need a better digital camera (Hi Mom… I mean Santa! Wink Wink!). But I’ll do what I can until that happens.

So without further ado, here’s my no-fail, go-to, most-delicious-snack-ever: Homemade trail mix!

It’s so easy to put together in the morning: Some cereal (this is the Whole Foods version of Honey Nut Cheerios), some raisins, roasted, unsalted almonds, dry roasted peanuts and dark chocolate M&Ms). Plus, it’s so much healthier than salty, store-bought mix. Delish!

For lunch today, I was excited to finally run out of the office around 2:30 pm to get a quick bite. I’ve been craving pizza lately. What I got was hardly that. It was clearly a slice that had been sitting out for way too long, and reheating it didn’t help. Blah. I was so disappointed. Sad pizza:

Sad pizza photo coming soon… Even sadder now that it won’t post.

Today was really busy at work, then I ran to the gym for Angel’s Tesuto class. It was…OK. Sometimes I feel like he only gives us exercises that he can do as a way to show off. I hope that doesn’t sound mean, but sometimes I really do think it’s true. He seems to like getting a little ego boost and some time to show off. Meh, whatever. I had fun attempting one-legged push-ups and other crazy things.

Now it’s time to change and head uptown to spend some much-needed time with ABS. Maybe I can convince him to do some cleaning at his/soon-to-be-our apartment!



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