How I Stay Motivated

So the other day I promised a post on how I stay motivated to work out. But when I got down to thinking about how I really do stay motivated, I realized it’s not a matter of a “trick” or a gimmick.

Some people lay out their workout clothes the night before a scheduled workout so they have to put them on in the morning. Other people plan workout dates with friends so they can’t bail. All I do is consider my workout a part of my daily routine.

Every day, I know I have to be at the office by 9. I know that Glee comes on Tuesday nights at 8 (Just finished watching tonight’s episode—fantastic). Similarly, I reserve the 6–7 am hour every day for running, and the nighttime hours for gym classes. It’s just a part of my day.

And on the days when I really don’t want to work out? Well, I don’t work out. If your body is exhausted, injured or just tired, that’s a sign that you should stay in bed!

Sure, there are times when you can push it. This morning, for example, my alarm went off at 6:00 and I groaned a bit. But then I thought about how fantastic I would feel afterward. After all, exercising doesn’t have to last hours. I jog for 40–45 minutes to start my day. It doesn’t take long and it gets my day started on the right foot. I get some time alone, outside, and it’s so peaceful. You really can’t beat that.

And this morning, when I got back to my apartment? I was so glad I spent that time running, not sleeping.

Plus, if you need motivation, you’ve turned to the right place: The Healthy Living Blog community! Check out my blogroll for a list of awesome, inspiring bloggers who keep me wanting to achieve more.

Today in five words: Run, Work, Gym, Glee, EXHAUSTION! I’m going to do some reading then pass out. Sweet dreams!

DISCUSS: How do YOU stay motivated? I may not use fun tricks to get me to the gym, but I’m sure you do! So tell me about it.



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  1. Ha. This is a super old post, but I felt like I had to reply. I LOVE running in the early mornings. Unfortunately, I work at 6 am, which would mean waking up at 4 to get my run and my shower in. Usually, I end up running in the evening (which is massively hard, bc I’ve just been on my feet for 8+ hours), or waiting until I have a free morning. I’d love to be able to commit to a standard routine. I guess I need to try begging my boss for a set schedule 😉 Again.

  2. I love how you say that it’s just a part of your schedule. I run in the mornings, but my time management sucks and so I find that at that time, I’m trying to catch up on what should have been done already. Oh well, I still make sure to get a workout in, and I’m always trying harder 🙂

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