Tonight I Fell for Dance—Again

I see a lot of dance performances. It’s kind of my job. Awesome as that is, sometimes it can start to wear me down. So for the past few months, I took a bit of a hiatus and wasn’t attending a ton of events after hours. Spending all day at a desk then all night in an auditorium is exhausting.

Tonight, however, I got back in the game, and it felt so good. I went to the Fall for Dance Festival at New York City Center. It was an extra special event because two of my dear friends work for the festival. It’s where they met. Now they’re engaged. Precious, I know (and there’s no sarcasm there; they literally are the cutest couple I’ve ever known).

As soon as I settled into my seat and the music for the first piece began, it was like something came over me. I felt so calm and so happy in a way I haven’t felt in a while. Running makes me happy. Work (usually) makes me happy. ABS makes me happy. Trail mix definitely makes me happy. But tonight I remembered why I love dance so much. I was surrounded by so much creativity and appreciation for the arts. The four pieces I saw tonight were exceptional. I especially loved Larry Keigwin’s piece that he set on a super-talented group of Juilliard students (one of whom I know through work—fun!). It was a gorgeous night to be out and about appreciating NYC.

And I managed to squeeze in a quick gym trip between work and the show. Now I’m in my PJs and the weather is perfect for sleeping. Those things make me happy too.



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  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog via The Fitnessista. I’m just curious if you’ve stopped dancing in favor of running? I’ve danced all my life too, and have found it harder to work classes into my every day life now that I’m out of school (way out, like got-my-BA-in-2005 out) but I miss it too much to stop completely. Especially if it’s a part of your job to be around dance – how can you resist? 🙂

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