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It’s true: I’m an addict. Even before I started my own blog (welcome!), I was spending a lot of time reading other healthy living blogs. Now that I’ve set up shop in my own little corner of the Internet (Ali on the Run!), I’m even more into it. I’m loving sharing, commenting and learning all about this fun world.

That being said, I’m not going to comment too much on the whole Marie Claire debacle that’s going on right now. I loved reading Meghann’s response on her blog, as she’s one of my favorites to follow. My overall thought about this whole situation is that sure, the MC writer raised some good points, but they weren’t justifiably supported.

Yes, the healthy living blogging community is sort of like “the blind leading the blind.” But that’s also the beauty of it. We bounce ideas off each other and teach each other new things. It’s all a trial and error process. And that’s what makes it fun! So blind, keep leading! Heck, I’ll keep following. And to Katie Drummond: Don’t act unethically. You give all of us journalists a bad name. Not cool. Tell your sources what you’re going to write about. Be honest. Don’t go into your interviews with your story already written and your notions preconceived.

So in between blog reading and following the MC stuff today, I was quite productive! Work continues to be busy and I enjoyed my new favorite treat as a mid-afternoon snack: A chocolate coconut Larabar, microwaved for 30 seconds and eaten with a spoon. I swear, it tastes like a brownie. Maybe even better. I was oh so satisfied.

After work it was off to the gym for two classes: Body Art and Glee Club. Both were taught by substitute teachers. Both were blah. Then some homemade pizza for dinner (a whole wheat flatbread topped with marinara sauce, some shredded mozzarella cheese and basil) and “Glee!” Tearjerker tonight, but I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t watched. I love that this show pushes the boundaries. An episode about religion and God? Tastefully done and effective. Also, Sue Sylvester’s lines were some of her best yet.

Now it’s time for a long, hot shower, some cleaning and some packing. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday! Here’s hoping we see some sun tomorrow!



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