Manic Monday? Not so much.

So like the title says, today wasn’t necessarily manic, but it was productive! The work days have been flying by lately. I look at the clock and all of a sudden it’s 3:00! Crazy. I love being busy, though, so it suits me.

My new obsession: Chocolate macaroons from Whole Foods. I seriously can’t stop thinking about them. Delish. I’ll have to try out Gina’s recipe sometime soon. She seems to be the Macaroon Queen.

Today wasn’t my best day in terms of nutrition. I got so busy that those aforementioned macaroons were the bulk of my lunch. Not good, I know! I also had my last apple from NH. I love apple picking—it’s without a doubt my favorite fall activity.

My favorite apple orchard: Gould Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH

So between some trail mix, an apple and some macaroons, I’m surprised I made it through what came next: a bit of a marathon gym session, though no single class I took was too intense. First up was Chisel—a 45-minute strength class. Next was Cardio Tai Box—45 minutes of kicking, punching, jabbing and ducking. It was a really high energy class today, which I was totally into. Last was Absolution—30 minutes of laying down and working my tummy. It’s the perfect class to end with. I’m a gym class junkie. I love trying new classes and will definitely try anything twice (once isn’t enough to get a good feel for the class and the movements, in my opinion). Want to know which other classes I love? Check out my reviews.

Finally it was time to come home to a warm bowl of leftover Lipton noodle soup and some whole wheat tortilla chips with spicy corn salsa from Whole Foods (another new obsession).

Despite not having eaten enough for lunch today, there is one way that I stay feeling great all day, and that’s hydration. I drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water each day. Depending on how much I run in the morning, it can be even more. Drinking more water was one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year and it’s definitely the one I’ve had the most success with. The Resolution to take a tap class—I’m still working on that one, so stay tuned…

Also, it looks like I’ll be headed to Utah in the next few weeks for work. Anyone have any advice on what to do while I’m there? Any must-dos in the Salt Lake City area? I definitely want to see the huge Temple, but beyond that I’m open to suggestions.

I’m looking forward to an early bedtime tonight to make up for not enough sleep last night. The wedding was awesome, but it left me feeling groggy today. Here are a few more photos!

Lauren (the daughter-of-the-bride/my college roommate) and me on the rooftop at 60 Thompson
The bride and groom! Love the non-traditional color of her dress.
ABS and me


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