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I’m the creator of the Ali on the Run blog and the host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast. I’m also a freelance writer and editor, a race announcer, a runner and marathoner, a mom, and a huge fan of Peanut M&Ms, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (way better than the first one!), and reliving my glory days as a competition dancer in the early 2000s. I’m really happy you’re here. 

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With more than 650 episodes, 20 million downloads, and 3,000+ five-star ratings on iTunes and Apple Podcasts, the Ali on the Run Show is one of the leading running podcasts in the world. Every week, Ali talks with inspiring people who are doing exciting things on the run and beyond, from the fastest runners in the world (Des! Molly! Keira! Emma! Aliphine!), to everyone’s favorite running couples (Emily and Shane! Sara and Ryan! Kara and Adam!), to the runners who make up the middle and back of the pack. Here, every runner is seen and celebrated, and we all get to pick up the pace together

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Since 2010, the Ali on the Run blog has been a place for runners — both seasoned and aspiring — to follow one woman’s journey on the run. It’s an honest, unfiltered place where positivity and optimism rule (but being bummed about a bad run is totally allowed), Crohn’s disease talk is always on the table, and the race recaps tend to be longer than the races themselves. 

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